Let's learn a better way to manage gym finances...


Do YOU….

➡️ Wish your finance professional offered “office hours"?

➡️Want to learn an easier way to monitor cash flow than checking Quickbooks?  

➡️Feel like you’d have more success in business with an accountability partner? (Think, a personal trainer for your finances)

Then you’re like most micro-gym owners and fitness professionals we know and you’d be a perfect fit for our GymFit Accountability Squad. 


Join our squad here and see what it’s all about!

What's Inside the Accountability Group? Great Question!

First and Foremost, an AMAZING community of boutique studio owners, gym owners, and fitness professionals who want a better way to feel empowered in making financial decisions.

In our exclusive community you'll get access to:

💪 A Slack community of high performing fitness professionals that will keep you accountable and offer support, advice, tips & tricks

💪 GymFit's team of finance professionals at your fingertips

💪Exclusive content to help you move toward more profitability and bigger impact in your community

💪Accountability Squad exclusive Office Hours and Trainings

💪 Early, member only, sign-up for GymFit Financial events & trainings